The optimow Promise:

Effortless Lawn Care At Your Fingertips

Introducing automated lawn care by Greenworks. The optimow robotic lawn mower system tends to your lawn around the clock – so you can save your free time for the things that really matter.

Why optimow?

Optimow matches top competitors, feature for feature, at a significantly lower cost to you. So while you’re comparison-shopping, remember that each and every optimow model comes standard with features and innovations that other brands consider add-ons. Learn more about the features and benefits we pack into every optimow Robotic Mower.

How It Works

Select an optimow robot lawn mower to fit your lawn size. One-time installation starts with setting up the charging dock, then laying the easy-install boundary wires and optional guide wires. Finally, use your smartphone and free control app to program your settings and mowing schedule. That’s all it takes to enjoy automated lawn care. Day or night, rain or shine.

optimow Selector

We’ll help you pick the right optimow robot mower to match your lawn’s size and preferred cutting height.


Where To Buy

optimow Robotic Lawn Mowers are available through independent Greenworks Commercial dealers, national retailers and online. Use the selector tool to find the right optimow model for your lawn and see your purchase options. Professional installation may be available through select dealers.

How to setup

optimow Installation Kits include boundary wires with turf staples, and anchors for the charging dock. It’s easy enough to set up on your own, or you can save some time and call on a pro. Once the boundary wires and charging dock are in place, the control app provides a simple scheduling interface to have you up and mowing in just a few steps. For more detailed set-up instructions, we invite you to explore the optimow Use and Care Manual.

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optimow Features and Benefits

4G Connectivity + App Access Included

Total control with the tap of a button. Free 2-year access included with purchase.


Theft prevention with real-time location tracking.

Automated Lawn Care

Enjoy a perfectly maintained lawn at all times- Day or night, rain or shine.

Adjustable Height Settings

Choose from 32 height options for your lawn’s best cut.

Brushless Technology

Higher performance efficiency, optimal runtime, and longer tool life compared to brushed motors.


IPX5 Waterproofing means all you need is a wash brush and garden hose to keep your optimow clean. Tool-free removal of the floating body lets you easily access hard-to-reach areas.

Eco-Friendly and Quiet

No emissions and virtually maintenance free. Mow at night without disturbance (60.6 dB).

Healthier Lawn

Frequent mowing deposits micro mulched clippings onto your lawn’s surface for a natural fertilizer and healthier lawn over time.

Compatible with Sloped and Narrow Landscapes

Navigate spaces as narrow as 24 inches, and handle inclines up to 35% or 20°.

IPX5 Waterproof

Total functionality in rainy conditions.

Randomized Cut Pattern

Constant maintenance from every side and every angle, just as recommended by turf grass experts.

Pivoting Razor Blades

Cutting blades fold out of the way when a hard obstacle is encountered - preserving the life of the blades and reducing the risk of accidental damage.